Friends of South Solitary Island Lighthouse


The Friends of South Solitary Island Lighthouse is a local group made up of dedicated individuals who want to preserve the history of the South Solitary Island Lighthouse. Let’s keep this unique history and legacy alive and honoured.

As a not for profit community organisation, your membership supports:

upkeep and maintenance of the historic South Solitary Lighthouse and buildings in conjunction with NPWS
valuable research and documentation of the history of the Lighthouse – documented, visual and aural
public exhibits and events to promote and celebrate the history of the SSIL
maintenance and upkeep of the Optic housing at the Jetty

South Solitary Island Lighthouse

One of only two lighthouse islands in New South Wales, it is situated approximately 18km from Coffs Harbour.

The buildings were constructed in 1880 and are considered to be the oldest in the area.

The island is not accessible to the public, it is under the care of National Parks & Wildlife.

The lightstation was automated in 1975.

The Head Keepers Quarters and Assistant Keepers Quarters have been abandoned since 1975.


Become a Friend of South Solitary Island Lighthouse and enjoy unique volunteer opportunities, both on and off the Island, first round invitations to public FOSSIL events and more.


A group to share experiences, photos, videos and all things lighthouse, particularly South Solitary Island Lighthouse; the most remote island lighthouse in NSW.


Friends of South Solitary Island Lighthouse Inc. is a not for profit community organisation. Discover what your membership helps support and how you can get involved.


Explore the timeline of the South Solitary Island lighthouse from the initial idea from Government 1856, to the opening of the lighthouse in 1880, right through to current day.

First Head Keeper appointed and Light first exhibited

First known helicopter lands on the island

Lighthouse automated and all residents leave

New home for the lighthouse optic at the jetty foreshores

First Order Chance Brothers Optic finds its home at the Jetty Foreshores

The new home for the 143 year old First Order Chance Brothers optic from South Solitary Island Lighthouse will soon attract thousands to the Jetty Foreshores to see this iconic piece of Coffs Harbour’s and Australia’s maritime history.

Keep an eye out for news of events planned surrounding the official opening.

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